What are Short Lets?

Short lets are rental agreements that start from 1 day and can be up to 4 or 6 months.

Why would a landlord choose to let the property for a short period of time?

Short Lets offer a flexible solution for the landlord. For example it allows them to try out letting their property if they are unsure about letting. Alternatively f a landlord is waiting for a long term tenant,  a short let could be a great option to fill this gap.

Another reason that many people opt for renting their property out as a “Short Let” is to monetise their property when away on business or when on holiday. This keeps the house occupied and means that if you work offshore or go away on business, you can make extra money while away.

Offer a Wider Variety of Choices for Prospective Tenants

If you advertise your property as both a Short Term Let and Long Term Let, then you offer more options for prospective tenants. This therefore opens the doors for a variety of different people to show interest.

What are the rules around Short Lets?

Short Lets can be rented out for a few weeks to several months. However, it is important to note that different boroughs have their own set of rules. Contact your local council to find out the rules on Short Lets in your property location.

Alternatively give us a call and we will happily provide more information.

Attract High Quality Tenants

Short Lets come on a fully furnished basis (inclusive of utility bills). Often companies set up a relationship with a letting agency to use short lets as part of their business expense because it is more cost effective than using hotels.

Companies often Choose Short Lets

There are a host of companies who employ staff that do not work full time in a specific location. This can be on a freelance basis, where the staff will travel to the main office for business. Another example of a company who might use short lets could be the media who may use a particular location for filming.


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