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Why not use Slough Lettings

Why Use Wycombe Lettings?

Rather the question should be, why not use Wycombe lettings? Whether you have a small studio apartment or vast portfolio of commercial properties, appointing a letting agent is the smart move. Not only will you achieve the highest rental income for your rental property, but you’ll also have access to a long list of dependable tenants who pass all background checks, pay on time, and take care of your investment.

Letting agents take care of all the marketing, property viewings and paperwork, so you can concentrate on other things, and watch your investment work for itself.

How Do You Assess the Current Market Value for my Property?

Our highly experienced letting agents will conduct a full evaluation of your property, and set the highest rental value based on current market conditions and the overall size, location and condition of your property.

Do I need to be Present for Viewings?

No. Simply provide us with a set of keys, and we’ll schedule viewings with potential tenants, show them around your property, and answer any questions they may have. We will then send you a feedback report, based on the tenant’s comments.

When Will I Receive the Deposit?

We will collect the deposit on your behalf. We can pay it directly into a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme, or if you prefer, we can give it to you, and you can deposit it into DPS.

When Will I Receive the Rent?

If we collect the rent on your behalf, it will be send to you via a BACS payment the day we receive it from the tenant.

Who is Responsible for Repairs & Maintenance?

If we are instructed as your managing agent, we will take care of all necessary repairs and maintenance on your behalf with our trusted tradesmen. If you decided to manage the property yourself, you will be responsible for all essential maintenance and repairs.

What Happens If my Tenant Defaults on their Rent?

We chase all late/unpaid rents for landlords who opt for our rent collection service. You can protect yourself further by taking out rent guarantee insurance. Please contact us for further details.

What Are Wycombe Lettings Property Management Fees?
We offer various packages to suit your needs and depending on the
proeprty size.

To find out more about the property letting services we offer, please pass by our head office for an informal chat, or contact us by telephone or email on the details below:


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